Rainwater tanks


Rainwater tanks water level

Rainwater tanks are located at the top of each stairways. Capacity of each tank is 20.000 l, the water amount is being monitored with hidrostatic sensors Dat-Con CN. If the water level is over 200 cm then the tank is 100% full and the level below 10 cm indicates that the tank is empty.


Valve position

Valve position monitoring for selecting waterflow from rainwater tanks (0) or from domestic water source (1).


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Water savings

Monitoring of water usage for toilet flushing

Rainwater tank

Water from rainwater tanks is used for toilet flushing. The following charts shows the use of rainwater for three Eco Silver house parts (Part A, B and C). Saved water is marked with green and domestic water use is marked with blue.


Water savings 2016


Water savings 2015