is a research and demonstration project supported by the European Commission within the 7. Framework Programme. The overall objective of the project is to demonstrate and validate new technologies, concepts and systems for sustainable, low-energy building in order to test and assess the technological and economical feasibility of innovative energy solutions in high rise multi residential building Eco Silver House. Detailed information about the project is available on

Eco Silver House

Central Control System & Intelligent Control Center

The whole building is managed with CCS (Central Control System) and individual apartments use ICC (Intelligent Control System) to provide maximum energy savings while ensuring highest comfort.



Home energy management system

The EE-HIGHRISE project foresees post-construction detailed data measurement in 3 apartments. Data logging and graphical presentation is implemented with help of Robotina Home energy management system.

At the building level all apartments are monitored through main CNS and residential ICC (intelligent control center) with regard to:

  • Energy use: for heating and preparation of domestic water, electrical energy and common use of electrical energy
  • Gains of electrical energy from solar power station
  • Drinking water saved due to rainwater usage
  • Direct internal climate measurements (temperature, humidity) and indirect measurement – logging (passive solar, shading)
  • Outside ambient air measurements (temperature, humidity, pressure, air speed)

By monitoring the parameters of the apartment indoor and outdoor air, HVAC system, apartment orientation and ICC settings it is possible to monitor the way of single apartment use and, consequently, to infer on apartment and whole multi-flat house characteristics. With the representative number of apartments fitted with measuring equipment it is possible to extrapolate the multi-flat house characteristic, if there will be adequate estimation of deviation from standard conditions of use. The number of detail measured apartments is function of certainty of results, financial investment, and regulatory relationships with buyers of these flats. Comparison of calculated and measured energy indicators is necessary to rise the certainty of the energy use evaluation results as high as possible, and to detect possible inconsistencies, which could occur between standard and actual use of the apartments.

For the time of monitoring and for the monitoring personnel our web platform provides remote control of main parameters in apartments that are on the Intelligent Control Centre (set temperature, ventilation level, timetable management and automatic/manual operation of ventilation system and blinds).